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Click Below to See An Example from Companies Using Our Live Human AI Bots

Yardley Dental Care

Now the number one Dental care office in Pennsylvania. Yardley Dental Care has quadrupled its leads and business in just a few short years. Initially, we  developed what was then a cutting-edge ChatBot for the dental practice. It was used very successfully as a sales tool, relaying information. But the technology at that time was limited and it operated by supplying premade information, but, could not answer any questions. 

Today, the Yardley Dental Human AI Bot means you can interact with the ChatBot, ask it any question about the practice and receive knowledge-based answers! Capabilities include booking appointments, providing directions and hours, and considerably more.

Allied Steel Company

The number one metal and steel fabricator in the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area. Allied Steel prides itself in staying on the cutting Edge. With 20,000+ NJ Steel and Metal industry Keywords ranked on the first two pages of Google, their business has increased Six Fold since we began working with them.

Allied Steel Company is looking forward to yet another boost in their visibility, lessening the strain on the customer service division, garnering additional leads, and continuing to crush their competition.

Gulfcoast Eye Center

Gulfcoast Eye Center is the Sarasota Areas' premiere eye care center. With some of the highest ratings, the owners were looking for the next level in customer care; using Artificial Intelligence seemed the next logical step.

By utilizing a highly trained Human AI Bot, Gulfcoast Eye Center can provide one on one immediate responses to questions posed to the practice. Additionally, they love the potential to boost their Google rankings.

With our Bot, their receptionist will have additional time with in-person clients, and the Human AI Bot can handle obtaining contact info from their Website.

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Automatically select country & language based on your location. Alternatively, let users choose their preferred language for the session.

Natural Language Processing

Our Human AI Bots excel in understanding and responding to natural language requests. They stand out by adeptly addressing follow-up questions, setting them apart from the rest.

Optional Live Customer Chats

Looking for the flexibility to seamlessly hand off interactions to a real person if needed? Absolutely, our Human AI Bots also offer this as an option too!

Heightened Productivity

Boost Efficiency, scaling baked in, no up charges. Our AI Bots manage multiple conversations, freeing your team. No extra costs as to scale up.I have a bunch of FAQ's for my website

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our Human AI Bots seamlessly work on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices, supporting Mac, PC, and Linux Operating Systems.

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Leveraging our AI Bots guarantees instant and personalized responses. Leading to increased leads, sales and higher customer satisfaction.

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Human AI Bots, are the next generation, revolutionary Chatbot of the future. Harnessing the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence & delivering an unparalleled human-like encounter. Bid farewell to dull, static, scripted chatbot dialogues and welcome a world of tailored engagements, Branded & crafted exclusively for your companies individual requirements. Turn on the ROI Spigot. This is for you, if you're Innovative, forward thinking savvy business entrepreneur, we've got you fully covered! We guarantee your website users an extraordinary experience that enhances customer satisfaction, increases leads and maximizes your ROI.

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Major Companies Successfully Using AI Bots!

Whole Foods Market

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Jacob Smith

VP Marketing

"I've been thoroughly impressed with the Human AI Bot on our website. It's remarkably intuitive and responsive, making client interactions incredibly smooth. Whether it's guiding a user through complex processes or providing in-depth product insights, it feels as though they are conversing with a human expert. The AI's ability to adapt to specific information and previous interactions adds a personal touch that sets it apart. I can confidently say it's increased our business, taken the load off of our in house team and added to our bottom line. Kudos to the team behind this exceptional service!"

Sharon Miller

Co-founder and CTO

"I can't praise your Human AI Bot enough! It's a true gem on always available on our website. It anticipates clients questions and needs, effortlessly proving answers to our many products and services. The AI's friendly, human-like conversational approach makes our clients feel valued. It remembers preferences, making each visit more personalized. It's like having a knowledgeable friend at the users fingertips 24/7. I wholeheartedly recommend this service; it's a an absolute game-changer!"

Jane Johnson

Director B2B Marketing

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